Music and Arts with Rebecca Harrison and Katie Grazier

April 3, 2018

All In with Pauline Hawkins

PMAC pic.png

Rebecca Harrison and Katie Grazier are from Portsmouth Music and Arts Center or PMAC. On April 13 at Harbour Events, they have Spring Fever for the Arts Fundraiser Party, which raises funds for youth scholarships at PMAC. Katie and Rebecca talk about how PMAC was started and the lives it has changed.

Songs from PMAC teachers and musicians: 1st song: 80 Lives: Soggy Po Boys (featuring faculty members: Mike Effenberger, Eric Klaxton and Nick Phaneuf) – Spring Fever 2016; 2nd song: James Brown: Mother Superior and the Sliding Royal (featuring faculty members: Taylor O’Donnell, Mike Walsh, Matt Langley and Mike Effenberger) – Spring Fever 2017; and 3rd song: Jumprope: Chris Klaxton Band (featuring faculty member Chris Klaxton).

For more information about PMAC, go to their website:

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