I’ve been so angry lately. It’s like all the anger, sadness, shock of the past years, maybe even my entire life, that I’ve been repressing is coming to the surface. Should I get help? Do I need to talk to someone so that I go back to looking the other way and not speaking up when I and others have been wronged?

I’ve just decided that, no, I don’t. I’m where I need to be. I need to let the rage inside me find the words to defend myself and others. I need to feel it and examine it and speak it so that sometime in the near future, I can see the wrongs and speak truth without the rage. That’s the goal—learning to speak truth and call out the behaviors with confidence. The rage will still be there, but it won’t come out like an attack. It will be subdued. I will just speak truth.

Anger is like fire. If it is a controlled fire, it can burn away the things that do not serve the health of the body.

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“Controlled burns are used to prevent forest fires. Even before human involvement, natural, low-intensity wildfires occurred every few years to burn up fuel, plant debris, and dead trees, making way for young, healthy trees and vegetation to thrive. That new growth in turn supports forest wildlife.“

I’m making way for healthy emotions to thrive, and, in turn, help others to thrive as well.

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