Tell me your story at Storytellers Co

For the past 7 months, I’ve been working on a new project, and I’d like to share it with my community in this space. Introducing Storytellers Co, a place for creative women to share their work. I’m still developing it and working with women on their contributions, but I wanted to share the “About” page. Read about the women who inspired me to take this journey. Feel free to look around the site and contact me if you are interested in submitting your work.

One thought on “Tell me your story at Storytellers Co

  1. Hi, my name is Gina and here is my story. I’m not sure if this will reach the right person or not. I’m trying to reach out to someone that may be able to help. Well here goes this is what’s been going on. Years ago I wanted to write a book ( what I wish my parents would have taught me ) and when the pandemic started and we had had a lot of time on our hands I reached out to a teacher that was willing to write a book for me with my way of thinking I wanted to write a book that might be able to help Teenagers get a start on life making life easier for all kids growing up calling my book ( What I wish my parents would have taught me ) a Bible for teenagers to live by. So after googling my title to the book I wanted to see get written ( What I wish my Parents would have taught me ) to my surprise Somebody had written a book called ( What I wished my parents would have taught me) I was so bummed out I thought well there goes my idea so after months of letting it go I got back online to see what the other book was about and to my surprise it wasn’t what I was thinking my books pretty much been written and different. In my heart I do believe this book is still to be written And saying that The book still needs a writer to write the book I’m just wondering if Pauline might be interested a second book to her book. Or someone willing to write the book because I still have hopes of getting this book written. The book pretty much wrote itself if you or anyone willing to help I can be reached my email – Thank you so much. Sincerely Regina Goebel. The book would be titled – What I Wished My Parents Would Have Taught Me / a Teenagers Bible to Live by for all Teenagers.

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