Life After Cancer

In April of 2009 our world was changed when we found out our four-year-old son, Ian, had a brain tumor. My daughter Nicole and I documented our painful journey because that is how we both process pain in our lives–through writing. That process helped me understand how important it is to examine all aspects of my life–the pain and the joy.

In the years since we found the tumor, we have found that Cancer still affects our lives. Life After Cancer explores the event in our lives that is marked with a thick vertical line; an event that changed our concept of time: BC (before Cancer) and AC (after Cancer). Our journey on the AC timeline is unexpected, but beautiful nonetheless.

Click on the link to get to Pauline’s posts dedicated to our AC timeline: Life After Cancer

4 thoughts on “Life After Cancer

  1. Life After Cancer is a great idea, for anyone who has someone or is currently in that position (as I am). The affect it has had on my life has been enormous and I cannot imagine if one of my boys were diagnosed. Reflections about a span of time going back to, for me, 2005, has been about what can I do moving forward? Not waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. Thank you for sharing.

  2. God bless you and your journey. I lost my only son , in 2008 , to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma ( sp). Cancer is a terrible terrible disease.

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