Writer. Teacher. Storyteller.
Every word, every life, every story matters.

I am a writer.

Whether I’m writing a book, a blog post, or content for clients, I look for that golden thread that weaves itself through all the elements. I call it my “Ah ha!” moment—the moment when everything comes together and I can see the entire tapestry, not just the individual threads.

I am a teacher.

As a teacher, my first job is to be a student. If I learn from everyone and every situation, I can take that knowledge and those experiences and share what I have learned with others. I look at my role as more of a collaborator and facilitator. This is true whether I’m in the classroom, at home with my children, writing, or podcasting: We are all in this together!

I am a storyteller.

Stories, more than anything else, are what unites us as people. A good story can entertain us, yes, but a good story teaches, motivates, enthralls. It makes us feel. It brings us to our knees. It inspires us to become better people. A good story in the hands of a good storyteller can change the world.