Episode 87: From Concept to Stage Production with Paintbox

March 17, 2019

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Paintbox 2.jpg

Jon McCormack (creator), Jordan Formicelli (Annie), and Tomer Oz (director) talk about Paintbox, an origianl rock opera with a twist. Paintbox is currently playing at the Player’s Ring in downtown Portsmouth. The three talk about how Paintbox went from an album to a musical stage production and what it means to them to go all in.

For their song selections, they picked songs from show: 1st song: “Deep Earth” opening number; 2nd song: “California Caramel Cream” midway point; 3rd song: “Sweet Annie Pepperberry” closing number.

For more information about Paintbox, go to http://playersring.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/Paintbox-by-Jon-McCormack-914832692038718/

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Episode 75: When Particles Collide with Sasha Alcott

December 16, 2018

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Sasha Alcott
Photo Credit: Coleman Rogers Photography

Sasha Alcott and her husband Chris Viner, bought a van in the summer of 2016, left their jobs and have been DIY Touring the US and Canada under the name When Particles Collide ever since. They are currently on tour in the New England area. Sasha talks about how she and Chris met, how they named their band, teaching, touring, going all in, and advice for musicians wanting to go on tour.

Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of her life: 1st song: “Lay My Body Down for You” by When Particles Collide; 2nd song: “Lost in the Supermarket” by The Clash; 3rd song: “Misunderstood” by Wilco

If you’d like to get in touch with Sasha, go to the band’s website at http://www.whenparticlescollide.com

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Episode 48: Teen Theatre with the Cast of Godspell

April 17, 2018

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Cast of Godspell

Fiona and Ariana Scharff, Isabella Bazata, and Marie Lane talk about being in the PDP production of Godspell, opening May 4th at the 3S Artspace. They also share about their experiences and how being in a Patrick Dorow Production has changed their lives.

Song selections from Broadway recordings of Godspell: 1st song: “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord”; 2nd song: “Day by Day”; 3rd song: “Light of the World”

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Episode 46: Music and Arts with Rebecca Harrison and Katie Grazier

April 3, 2018

All In with Pauline Hawkins

PMAC pic.png

Rebecca Harrison and Katie Grazier are from Portsmouth Music and Arts Center or PMAC. On April 13 at Harbour Events, they have Spring Fever for the Arts Fundraiser Party, which raises funds for youth scholarships at PMAC. Katie and Rebecca talk about how PMAC was started and the lives it has changed.

Songs from PMAC teachers and musicians: 1st song: 80 Lives: Soggy Po Boys (featuring faculty members: Mike Effenberger, Eric Klaxton and Nick Phaneuf) – Spring Fever 2016; 2nd song: James Brown: Mother Superior and the Sliding Royal (featuring faculty members: Taylor O’Donnell, Mike Walsh, Matt Langley and Mike Effenberger) – Spring Fever 2017; and 3rd song: Jumprope: Chris Klaxton Band (featuring faculty member Chris Klaxton).

For more information about PMAC, go to their website: https://pmaconline.org/

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