The UNH HUGEmanities with Krista Jackman

December 15, 2019

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Krista Jackman is a Principal Lecturer and Co-director of The HUGEmanities Project with the Englsih Department at UNH. I have had the pleasure of working under the HUGEmanities umbrella with Krista and Molly Campbell, as we create more opportunities for UNH and NHCC students to engage in humanities projects.

Krista talks about what the HUGEmanities initiative is, what projects they’ve completed this year, and what the plan is for 2020. There are great opportunities for students, educators, and business owners through this HUGEmanities project.

Three songs that speak to the humanities: 1st song: “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits

Having a humanities education gives you a framework for understanding the world. The narrative is global, but not as many people read Shakespeare today! So this education lets people understand the world in a way that they might not otherwise.

2nd song: “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens

This (I think?) is a song about opportunity. Each day brings a new one, and that is really what we’re trying to focus on – creating opportunity for the young people around us, and showing them how they are already poised for taking on the opportunities available to them.

3rd song of soundtrack: “Imagine” by Chris Cornell

The original Imagine was performed by John Lennon, in 1971. It idealized a world at peace, a world without borders or the divisions of religion and nationality. There have been other iterations of this song, which makes me consider the divisive nature of our  continued tribalism that we still face. So maybe the sentiment of hope and tolerance remains important today.

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