Podcasting with Raef Granger and Reid Butler

October 7, 2018

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Raef and Reid

Raef Granger and Reid Butler join my podcast to talk about starting their own businesses. Raef helps entrepreneurs find and follow their passions and protect their businesses. Reid is a financial advisor who provides strategies to families and small businesses. Together they have a podcast called The Entrepreneurs Foundry.

Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of their lives: 1st song: “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2; 2nd song: “Yellow Eyes” by Rayland Baxter; 3rd song: “Dance with Me Tonight” by The Wonders (That Thing That You Do Soundtrack)

For more information about Raef and their podcast, go to https://raefgranger.com/

For more information about Reid, go to http://www.guytongroup.net/

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