Life of a Rap Artist with Michael Gene Dionne a.k.a. Eyenine

March 20, 2018

All In with Pauline Hawkins


Michael Gene Dionne a.k.a Eyenine is an American hip hop recording artist from Dover, New Hampshire. He began writing and recording music at the age of 16 and touring the country in his 20s. He helped found an upstart recording label called Flyrock Records which released multiple albums from various New England artists. Michael talks about his creative path, what it means “to go all in” in this business, and what’s next.

Opening song: “We’re Alive” by Eyenine.

Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of his life: 1st song: “Experimental Film” by They Might Be Giants; 2nd song: “By The Throat” by Eyedea & Abilities; 3rd song: “Some Might Say” by Oasis.

To learn more about Eyenine, go to

2 thoughts on “Life of a Rap Artist with Michael Gene Dionne a.k.a. Eyenine

  1. I applaude you so much Mike. I bought all the stuff you have out. Cause yer so awesome. You got fans, wow, how that goin? Anyway (for now) if possible I would need email from you. Because I figure if you ever needed any backing tracks I could fill that position, I want to start a band near cleveland. (Or somewhere)I know you’re in new ham shire. We could do this. The tracks are done. Thanks for looking me up on Spotify too, dude I love the lonely ghosts album. Brian Scarvelli

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