Rethinking Education with Diane Murphy and Holly Elkins

September 12, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Rethinking Education

Diane Murphy and Holly Elkins join me All In with Pauline Hawkins to talk about changing the conversation around education. Diane taught in the Seacoast area for 30 yrs. She is the founder of BigFish and is committed to supporting teenagers who need to leave the system so they can be self-directed learners. Holly is the embodiment of a self- directed learner: She is the BigFish Board President, an artist, print maker, massage therapist & Reiki master.
All three of us have had our challenges with public education. We’ve heard a lot about education reform, but every reformational movement, although started with good intentions, has made education worse, not better. Before we can fix education, we need to change the way people think about education.
Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of our lives: 1st song: “Open Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol (Pauline); 2nd song: “Too much stuff” by Delbert McClinton (Holly); 3rd song: “Stand by Me” by Playing for Change (Diane).

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