New York Principals’ Letter of Concern

One year ago today, over 1500 New York State principals signed a letter that outlined their concerns over the new legislation for the evaluations of teachers and principals. Their three main concerns:

  1. Educational research and researchers strongly caution against teacher evaluation approaches like New York State’s APPR Legislation.
  2. Students will be adversely affected by New York State’s APPR.
  3. Tax dollars are being redirected from schools to testing companies, trainers, and outside vendors.

Read their letter here.

This logical and data-driven plea by professional educators has gone ignored by state and federal policy makers. This letter could have been written by every educator in every state, and I wish it would have been. No matter what state we live in, this type of legislation is affecting us all. As a mother and an educator, I am concerned for the welfare of our children and the profession I love.

With the 2014 state tests on the horizon, please consider taking a stand for your children and the direction of education.

I know I plan on making my voice heard, come hell or high water.

What we allow

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