Beautiful Colorado Springs

This past weekend we were able to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful, inexpensive activities Colorado Springs has to offer. Almost a year ago, the Waldo Canyon fire destroyed part of the majestic mountain side. Now, the Black Forest fire is wreaking havoc on the dense, wooded area to the east. Canyon City to the south-west is also on fire. It is painful to step outside right now; the smoke fills our lungs as trees and homes go up in flames.

It is even more painful to think of the families who have lost their homes, as well as the friends who have been evacuated, hoping that the mementos of a lifetime have not become fuel for the raging fire.

With a heavy heart I post the pictures that brought us joy the last few days. For those who have never been to Colorado, you have no idea how beautiful our natural surroundings are. Here is a glimpse of our city:

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cinemark Carefree Circle Water Fountain

Helen Hunt Falls

Thankfully, these areas have not been affected by the fires.

Here is part of Mountain Shadows, one year later, like the phoenix, rising from the ashes with its new growth.


With a hopeful heart, I pray for containment and the rebuilding of our beautiful city.

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