Along Came a Spider…

Our 70 degree weather this week has prompted Ian to dig through storage bins for his outdoor toys. Yesterday afternoon, Ian came rushing into the house, “Mom! Come quick!” He was panicked.

“What’s up, Bud?”

“There’s a spider in the blue bin. Come see!”

“Oh, no. That’s Daddy’s department.” I wasn’t in the mood to scream.

“But it’s huge , Mom!”

“Huge? How huge?” I was positive I wasn’t going out to the garage now.

Ian spread his arms to the width of his body.

I gasped. “Are you kidding? An even better reason for Daddy to kill it.”

“I think it’s already dead, though. It’s not moving.” His eyebrows furrowed.

Dave walked in and said, “Let’s go look at it.”

Ian looked at me with big, round eyes. Tears started to puddle in his eyes. “No. I’m scared.”

Dave shrugged his shoulders, “If you can’t show me where it is, then I’m not going out there.”

“Dad, please don’t make me.” He really looked terrified.

“I’ll be with you. Don’t be afraid,” Dave gently encouraged him.

Ian looked at me, still unsure. “Go ahead. Daddy won’t let anything hurt you.”

This is what Ian saw in the bin:

I heard Dave say, “You goof.”

Ian’s fear subsided, “Oh. I thought it was a spider.”

Ian’s dead spider was really this:

We laughed for quite some time. Ian now carries his spider-monkey with him. He sheepishly smiles every time he asks, “Do you remember when I thought this was a dead spider?”

“Yes, Bud.” I smile. I will never forget it.

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