Choose to be Teachers and Students

My daughter and son-in-law asked me to speak at their wedding. I was honored but also hesitant–what could I, of all people in their lives, say about marriage? The only thing I know without a doubt. With their permission, here’s my speech: As we gather to celebrate your journey together, I want to share withContinue reading “Choose to be Teachers and Students”

TED Talk from Sharon Brous: It’s time to reclaim and reinvent religion

Sharon Brous powerful TED Talk is a great part of the global conversation that needs to happen to heal the brokenness in our world. It fits perfectly with my message of optimistic realism. You can watch her video and/or read some of the highlights below.   4 Principles of Religion Wakefulness. Our world is onContinue reading “TED Talk from Sharon Brous: It’s time to reclaim and reinvent religion”

Friday Writing Challenge: Tattoos

Writing Prompt #2: What tattoos do you have, or what tattoos would you get, and why? July 31, 2013: I’m sitting on a table watching Bryan artistically carve my children’s names into my ankle. The pain is so intense that I’m screaming out obscenities–words that explode out of my mouth even as my clenched teeth tryContinue reading “Friday Writing Challenge: Tattoos”

Blessing 27: Nelson

My father-in-law, Nelson Hawkins, was a blessing in my life for so many reasons. Even during the last few years, things between us didn’t change. Nelson continued to send me Mother’s Day cards, birthday cards, and Christmas presents–something no one would have expected him to do–yet he never stopped treating me like a daughter-in-law, andContinue reading “Blessing 27: Nelson”

Blessing 24: David

I’ve been counting my blessings for over two years now; it has helped me get through some difficult circumstances. Every time I’ve felt pain beyond belief, I’ve tried to find the things in my life that make me smile—the things I’m thankful for—so I can move away from depression and towards joy. Some days it’sContinue reading “Blessing 24: David”

Blessing #20: Blossoming as a Writer

Fight for your right to write. That’s the slogan my students chose for our journalism class last year. It was so appropriate for a student-run newspaper that has to battle against censorship. We had a passionate staff that year, wanting to change the world with their school paper. Little did I know back in AugustContinue reading “Blessing #20: Blossoming as a Writer”

Blessing #15-18: My Family

Blessings Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays: I love cooking the entire meal; families all over the country are getting together to laugh and rehash memories; it is also a day that reminds us to count our blessings, a necessary part of our emotional and mental health. However, this Thanksgiving I made my mealContinue reading “Blessing #15-18: My Family”

Blessing #14: My Students, Ripples in the Water

Blessings “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  ~ Mother Teresa My journey to keep my dream alive has created a wonderful habit: I count my blessings when dark thoughts creep in. Now, whenever I feel the walls closing in on me, I immediatelyContinue reading “Blessing #14: My Students, Ripples in the Water”

Blessing #13: Dennis and Lori

Blessings Part of my writing journey has been to count my blessings, to focus on the things I’m thankful for rather than the things that are going wrong in my life. Not only does this heal my soul, but it has also helped me become a person who can see joy in everything. It has helpedContinue reading “Blessing #13: Dennis and Lori”