Suicide Prevention with Brittni Darras

September 5, 2017 All In with Pauline Hawkins Brittni is an English teacher at Rampart High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The personalized cards she wrote to her 130 students following a student’s suicide attempt received worldwide attention and earned her the AspenPointe Hero of Mental Health Award and the Mayor’s Young Leader Award inContinue reading “Suicide Prevention with Brittni Darras”

Discovering Your Creative Voice with Stephanie Lazenby

August 29, 2017 All In with Pauline Hawkins Stephanie Lazenby is the Education Director at Patrick Dorow Productions and has used her many skills to help children and teenagers discover their creative voices through after school programs and various nonprofits. She will also be co-hosting the TEDx Talk in Portsmouth this September.Three songs that wouldContinue reading “Discovering Your Creative Voice with Stephanie Lazenby”

TED Talk from Sharon Brous: It’s time to reclaim and reinvent religion

Sharon Brous powerful TED Talk is a great part of the global conversation that needs to happen to heal the brokenness in our world. It fits perfectly with my message of optimistic realism. You can watch her video and/or read some of the highlights below.   4 Principles of Religion Wakefulness. Our world is onContinue reading “TED Talk from Sharon Brous: It’s time to reclaim and reinvent religion”