Episode 77: The Episodes that Helped Me Move Forward on My Journey

December 30, 2018

All In with Pauline Hawkins

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For the last episode of 2018, I wanted to share excerpts from shows that helped me transform and rebuild after a few years of treading water. All of my guests have helped me in some way; unfortunately, I didn’t have time in an hour long show to play segments from all of my favorite moments of 2018. I had to narrow it down somehow, so I pulled moments from certain episodes that stayed with me, that still whisper in my ear and guide me on my path forward.

Here are the guests in order:

Dennis McCarthy’s dedication to figuring out the mystery that has dumbfounded Shakespearean researchers for hundreds of years continues to inspire me to never give up. The truth is out there, but we also need the courage and wisdom to look for it and recognize it when we see it.

Natalia Iyudin shares her wisdom and experiences as a film director. Her advice to stand firm in your convictions and to know who you are before you get into the film industry was solid. We’ve all seen how the industry can destroy those who are not ready for that life.

Sophie Grimm’s perspective on audience helps me give each person the healthy respect we all deserve. Her audition advice also helped me prep my son for his theatre audition.

Roclyn Porter is a therapist who works with first responders. In her discussion of compassion fatigue, I realized I was suffering from it. Roclyn gave me an impromptu therapy session to help me heal. I can now see the symptoms when they show up and know what to do to alleviate them.

Jamie Jenson, a former colleague, talks about her year of saying, “Yes!” Her goal to accept every opportunity that came her way has helped me to say yes to things I normally would have said no to. Those yeses have been some of my best moments this year.

Chris Carrera and his family decided to move to Costa Rica for a year to find out what was missing in their lives. His description of the rat race made me rethink some of the choices I was making.

Finally, the last two segments I share came from Devin Powell, Jay Mansfield, and Adam Rivera. Their definitions of going all in were probably the most impactful perspectives of this year, making me realize that I have not been going all in with my dreams and goals. Every moment since those interviews, I have been making choices that are bringing me closer and closer to the life I’ve been striving for.

For some musical inspiration, I chose Pink’s cover of The Greatest Showman’s “A Million Dreams”

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Episode 40: The George North Manuscript with Dennis McCarthy

February 20, 2018

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Dennis montage2

Dennis McCarthy talks about his new book, A Brief Discourse of Rebellion & Rebels by George North: A Newly Uncovered Manuscript Source for Shakespeare’s Plays, a book he coauthored with June Schleuter. Dennis made the front page of the New York Times with the release of his book and shortly afterwards hit every major newspaper around the world. He talks about how he found this unpublished manuscript, how it’s been received, and what’s next.

Songs that would be on the soundtrack of his life: 1st song: “Heathens” by 21 Pilots; 2nd song: “Can’t you hear me knocking” by Rolling Stones; and 3rd song: “Dream On” by Aerosmith.

Contact Dennis: dennismccarthy@4threvolt.com

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Episode 3: Shakespeare Mystery Solved with Dennis McCarthy

May 16, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Dennis McCarthy

Dennis McCarthy is a writer and researcher who has discovered the author of Shakespeare’s source plays. His journey has been long, but he has not waivered. In fact, after 10 years, he has made even more discoveries. This is the first of two interviews with Dennis.
Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of his life: 1st song: “Dance this mess around” by B52s; 2nd song: “Suburbs” by Arcade Fire; and 3rd song: “Revolution” by The Beatles
Contact Dennis: dennismccarthy@4threvolt.com