Life’s Incredible Journey with David Hanrahan

January 16, 2018 All In with Pauline Hawkins David Hanrahan, a seasoned Boston trial attorney, and author of Downsized with Extreme Prejudice, talks about his book and the incredible journey he has been on from his early life in Brooklyn, NY to his time in Panama as a lieutenant in the army where he builtContinue reading “Life’s Incredible Journey with David Hanrahan”

The Kingdom with Steven Szmyt

January 9, 2018 All In with Pauline Hawkins Steven Szmyt, author of The Kingdom, talks about his novel, his writing process and journey, and the literal dreams that made him fulfill his desire to be a writer. Steven is a native New Englander and lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with his wife and two daughters.Continue reading “The Kingdom with Steven Szmyt”

Making a Film with the Cast and Crew of The Fall of Terror

December 26, 2017 All In with Pauline Hawkins Nick Tavares, Emma Bowen, Ian Hawkins, Griffin McCarthy, Lori McCarthy, Chase Lancaster, and Mark Bowen talk about their various roles in the production of the short film “The Fall of Terror” they worked on during Thanksgiving break. Song list: “Til Kingdom Come” by Coldplay (Ian); “Imagine” byContinue reading “Making a Film with the Cast and Crew of The Fall of Terror”

Nonviolent Communication with Peggy Smith

November 28, 2017 All In with Pauline Hawkins Peggy Smith, Diane Murphy, and I talk about nonviolent communication and how we can improve our thoughts and communication style so that we are empathic and compassionate with the people in our lives. Peggy is the founder of Open Communication and Clarity Services, and Diane is theContinue reading “Nonviolent Communication with Peggy Smith”

Overcoming Adversity with Leigh Jaynes

November 21, 2017 All In with Pauline Hawkins Leigh Jaynes shares her inspirational story that brought her from a group home in New Jersey to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and then to the Seacoast. This world-class wrestler talks about the coach who changed her life, how the fear of failure pushed her toContinue reading “Overcoming Adversity with Leigh Jaynes”

Painting Around the Country with Scott David Chase

November 14, 2017All In with Pauline Hawkins Scott David Chase joins me to discuss his literal artist’s journey across the country, painting in 48 of the 50 states. He talks about his travels with Zoe (his rescue dog) and the artists he visited and painted with on his literal and figurative creative journey. Three songsContinue reading “Painting Around the Country with Scott David Chase”

Single Parenting with Erin Laplante

November 7, 2017 All In with Pauline Hawkins Erin Laplante joins me in the studio to talk about life as a single parent–the struggles, victories, and everything in between. The hour was filled with stories, laughter, and a few tears, as well as songs that remind us of our children.For the soundtrack portion of theContinue reading “Single Parenting with Erin Laplante”

The Purpose of Education with Diane Murphy

October 24, 2017 All In with Pauline Hawkins On the topic of rethinking education, Diane Murphy from BigFish Learning Community ( joins me again to talk about the purpose of education. We listened to a segment of Blake Boles “What does it mean to be educated?” (, I read my resignation letter (, we listenedContinue reading “The Purpose of Education with Diane Murphy”

Screenwriting with Gursimran Sandhu

October 15, 2018 All In with Pauline Hawkins Gursimran Sandhu is the winner of the New Hampshire Film Festival Screenwriting Contest with her script “Yuba City.” She also happens to be a former assistant to David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and just recently promoted to Staff Writer for Game of Thrones. On All In, weContinue reading “Screenwriting with Gursimran Sandhu”

Seeing the Silver Lining with Ashley Mosher

October 13, 2017 All In with Pauline Hawkins In this special broadcast of All In with Pauline Hawkins, Ashley Mosher talks about the New Hampshire Film Festival, her short film Back to Camp, and her amazing life story that helped her entered the film making business. “Back to Camp” is an honest, moving, and relevantContinue reading “Seeing the Silver Lining with Ashley Mosher”