Against All Odds with Ralph Jarrells

November 17, 2019 All In with Pauline Hawkins Ralph Jarrells is a writer and a film maker, with a long history of fascinating jobs. Ralph joins me from West Columbia, SC to talk about his two novels Ill Gotten Gain and Fiery Red Hair, Emerald Green Eyes and A Vicious Irish Temper and his incredibleContinue reading “Against All Odds with Ralph Jarrells”

A Year of Saying Yes with Jamie Jenson

May 27, 2018 All In with Pauline Hawkins Jamie Jenson decided to change her course after years of teaching and a life-changing event with a year of saying “Yes!” One of those yeses was pursuing a childhood dream of becoming a journalist. She recently graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at SyracuseContinue reading “A Year of Saying Yes with Jamie Jenson”