Fear, Freedom, and Improv with Joanne Brokaw

January 26, 2020 All In with Pauline Hawkins Joanne Brokaw is an award-winning writer, improvisor, and the author of two books: What the Dog Said, and other adventures in everyday life, and most recently, Suddenly Stardust: A memoir (of sorts) about fear, freedom & improv. Despite her list of creative accomplishments, for most of herContinue reading “Fear, Freedom, and Improv with Joanne Brokaw”

Land of the Free

Five years ago today, my daughter Nicole was making her way back to Uganda from a London/Macedonia trip with her sister Carol Linn. Carol Linn was on her way home, but Nicole was stuck in Dubai. When she called me in the middle of the night five years ago, I had never heard of Dubai.Continue reading “Land of the Free”