Stunt Coordinating with Amy Greene

June 16, 2019 All In with Pauline Hawkins Amy Greene is a SAG stunt performer and stunt coordinator. Some of her films include Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile (currently on Netflix), The Nun, Woodshock, and All Creatures Here Below. Amy talks about how she got started as a stunt performer, the film industry, andContinue reading “Stunt Coordinating with Amy Greene”

“The Heroin Effect” with Michael Venn

January 6, 2019 All In with Pauline Hawkins Michael Venn is a director and producer who made his writing and directorial debut in 2010 with the short film “Dark Scribbles”, which premiered in the short film corner at the 2010 Festival De Cannes and was an official selection at film festivals across the country. Michael’sContinue reading ““The Heroin Effect” with Michael Venn”

Being a Film Producer with Karlina Lyons

November 25, 2018 All In with Pauline Hawkins Karlina Lyons is a producer with 20 years of experience in domestic and international media production. Her career focus is on educational programming for children and families, most notably with Sesame Street. Recently, Karlina produced The Heroin Effect and Light Attaching to a Girl. Three songs thatContinue reading “Being a Film Producer with Karlina Lyons”

Success Without College with Nicole Galovski

May 7, 2017 All In with Pauline Hawkins Nicole talks about forging her own path. While all her friends went on to get four-year degrees, Nicole left after her first year of college, worked with an NGO in Uganda for four years, worked with her dad as his research assistant, volunteered with the NH FilmContinue reading “Success Without College with Nicole Galovski”