Getting Over Bad Relationships with Jenn Li

May 6, 2019 All In with Pauline Hawkins Jenn Li and I talk about how to get past bad relationships. We share ways to take care of ourselves while we heal and books, quotes, and songs that helped us move on. 1st song: “Coming Back to Life” by Pink Floyd 2nd song: “Stronger” by KellyContinue reading “Getting Over Bad Relationships with Jenn Li”

Dating and Single Parenting with Eric Levin

March 24, 2019 All In with Pauline Hawkins Today, I tried something new. Instead of talking to a guest about some cool project they are going all in on, I wanted to discuss topics that are important to us. Eric Levin, a single father, a real estate agent, and a good friend of mine, joinedContinue reading “Dating and Single Parenting with Eric Levin”