Kaplan’s “Path to Recess”

Excellent post about what is truly important for success. The “soft skills” Kaplan refers to are the 25 things I wrote about in my book, Uncommon Core. “Reflecting on my experiences teaching both at this school and at more traditional public schools, I find myself wondering if the methodology that enables young children to achieveContinue reading “Kaplan’s “Path to Recess””

Part 3: The solution is right in front of us

Robinson’s final point is that we cannot help our students thrive under the current educational system, but we do have an alternative-school model that should replace what we are doing now. I agree. I’ve transcribed his main final points in italics, and then I’ve added my own thoughts and experiences, but feel free to watchContinue reading “Part 3: The solution is right in front of us”

Can We Escape the Matrix?

Many people are talking about what’s right and wrong with education; Luba Vangelova’s Steve Hargadon: Escaping the Education Matrix is a thought provoking position. Hargadon’s idea that we are in an “education matrix” of which many of us aren’t aware clarified my confusion over why people aren’t rebelling against this new wave of mandates. Why areContinue reading “Can We Escape the Matrix?”

Why are children crying about school?

If you have a child who enjoys school, count your blessings. I don’t. I have a child who cries almost every night. He cries while we are working on his homework; it is too hard and too much for him. He cries before bedtime; he doesn’t want to go to school because he feels unableContinue reading “Why are children crying about school?”

New York Principals’ Letter of Concern

One year ago today, over 1500 New York State principals signed a letter that outlined their concerns over the new legislation for the evaluations of teachers and principals. Their three main concerns: Educational research and researchers strongly caution against teacher evaluation approaches like New York State’s APPR Legislation. Students will be adversely affected by NewContinue reading “New York Principals’ Letter of Concern”

Animal Farm Lessons

I love teaching Orwell’s Animal Farm to my high-school freshmen. It is an incredible allegory that illustrates Karl Marx’s well-meaning Communism, how it prompted the people to overthrow the autocracy of Czar Nicholas II, and ultimately how Joseph Stalin used those very principles against the people who thought they were fighting for their equality. TheContinue reading “Animal Farm Lessons”

To Be or Not To Be…A Teacher: The Architecture of the Classroom

In my last Education Reformation post about Teachers’ Roles, I defined teachers as guides or facilitators to students’ acquisition of knowledge. Truly, what else can we be? Teachers don’t have all the knowledge anymore. Back before the internet age, teachers were expected to be the experts of their content. In conjunction with the textbooks, teachers dispersedContinue reading “To Be or Not To Be…A Teacher: The Architecture of the Classroom”

High School Reformation

In my last post I discussed the experiential learning taking place in my journalism class. I believe this type of class is necessary at the middle-school and high-school level, but I am not suggesting that it’s the only type of class students will take. Students will continue to get traditional instruction in other classes, but byContinue reading “High School Reformation”

Experiential Learning Is the Key

Education Reformation Blog In my last post, I wrote about project-based learning at the middle-school level. I know many people have had bad experiences with group projects, myself included. My vision for project-based learning does not come from the projects that use poster board and glitter. My vision comes from a class I actually teach now.

School of Discovery

Education Reformation Blog Let’s face it: Middle school is not working. All by itself, the age range is a difficult time of life for people, not to mention the nature of the middle school model. Eleven to fifteen year olds are experiencing some drastic changes to their minds and bodies. Research has shown that thisContinue reading “School of Discovery”