Blessing #14: My Students, Ripples in the Water

Blessings “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  ~ Mother Teresa My journey to keep my dream alive has created a wonderful habit: I count my blessings when dark thoughts creep in. Now, whenever I feel the walls closing in on me, I immediatelyContinue reading “Blessing #14: My Students, Ripples in the Water”

Things I Want to Learn before I Go Out into the World

With the summer upon us, we have great opportunities to help our children become more successful individuals. The trick is finding out what they really want to know. My Journalism students made this task a little easier for those of us who have teenagers, but many of these things can be taught at any age.Continue reading “Things I Want to Learn before I Go Out into the World”

Things I learned in School That Will Help Me in Life

Besides asking my students how they acquired the skills they needed to be successful, I wanted to know what my Journalism students learned in high school that they valued. What are the most important lessons that are preparing them for their futures? This list intrigued me as an educator. What skills must they learn inContinue reading “Things I learned in School That Will Help Me in Life”

Things I Wish My Parents Taught Me, But Didn’t

Of the four lists, this one intrigued me the most. We all want our children to have the best experiences in high school. We tell them to make friends, have fun, and learn a lot; but do we give them the tools they need to do this successfully? Are we surprised when they come homeContinue reading “Things I Wish My Parents Taught Me, But Didn’t”

A Parents’ Guide for How to Raise a Successful Child

The end of a school year is bitter-sweet: I look forward to having a break, but I know I won’t see some of my graduating seniors ever again. I cry like a baby every year. I can’t help it. My mothering side comes out: I wonder if I’ve done my job well enough. Did IContinue reading “A Parents’ Guide for How to Raise a Successful Child”