Blessing 24: David

I’ve been counting my blessings for over two years now; it has helped me get through some difficult circumstances. Every time I’ve felt pain beyond belief, I’ve tried to find the things in my life that make me smile—the things I’m thankful for—so I can move away from depression and towards joy. Some days it’sContinue reading “Blessing 24: David”

Part 3: The solution is right in front of us

Robinson’s final point is that we cannot help our students thrive under the current educational system, but we do have an alternative-school model that should replace what we are doing now. I agree. I’ve transcribed his main final points in italics, and then I’ve added my own thoughts and experiences, but feel free to watchContinue reading “Part 3: The solution is right in front of us”

Part 2: the 2nd principle that drives human life

In an earlier post, Part 1: Identifying the problems, I discussed how Ken Robinson’s video  is helping education by shining a light on the problems, identifying the 3 principles that drive human life, and then he offers an existing solution. The first principle is about individuality. Robinson explains the 2nd principle this way: 2nd Principle thatContinue reading “Part 2: the 2nd principle that drives human life”

A letter to my son on his ninth birthday

Dear Ian, Happy birthday my darling boy! Your birth nine years ago brought so much joy to my life. You were an answer to prayer then as you are now. We’ve been through so much together and have come out stronger and better because of it. You have taught me so much about life and love.Continue reading “A letter to my son on his ninth birthday”

Parents in Education

If parents really want to make a difference in their children’s education, they have the power to do so. Parents can truly be the biggest change agent at their schools. They can bring about change quicker than teachers and administrators combined. How do I know this? I have seen parents use

Blessing #15-18: My Family

Blessings Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays: I love cooking the entire meal; families all over the country are getting together to laugh and rehash memories; it is also a day that reminds us to count our blessings, a necessary part of our emotional and mental health. However, this Thanksgiving I made my mealContinue reading “Blessing #15-18: My Family”

Blessing #13: Dennis and Lori

Blessings Part of my writing journey has been to count my blessings, to focus on the things I’m thankful for rather than the things that are going wrong in my life. Not only does this heal my soul, but it has also helped me become a person who can see joy in everything. It has helpedContinue reading “Blessing #13: Dennis and Lori”