Our Cancer Journey

In April of 2009 our world was changed when we found out our four-year-old son, Ian, had a brain tumor. My daughter Nicole and I documented our painful journey because that is how we both process pain in our lives–through writing. We also had family and friends around the world who wanted to be updated on Ian’s condition. I copied those updates to these pages for those interested in reading about the event in our lives that is marked with a thick vertical line; an event that changed our concept of time: BC (before Cancer) and AC (after Cancer).

The Diagnosis

Radiation Treatments


Heart of a Hero

2 thoughts on “Our Cancer Journey

  1. I am deeply touched as I read your blogs. Thank you for opening your heart to share the triumphs and struggles you and your family have endured.

    1. Thank you, Raven, for reading and commenting! I hope that sharing my triumphs and struggles resonates with my readers. Your words encourage me to continue 🙂

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