On assemblies and speaking engagements:

Erin J Streb, Business Department, Gates Chili High School:

“Thank you to Pauline Hawkins who came in to speak in front of 3 high school classes I teach in Rochester, NY. Pauline connected with students by sharing her journey concerning both professional and personal experiences.

She drove the point home with the students, that every day is a gift. Pauline told the students, ‘You won’t be able to change what happens to you in life, but you can choose how to respond to it.’ Pauline lives her life with a relentless focus on having a positive future for not only herself, but also the others she comes in contact with.

My students and I were given a gift by having Pauline in the classroom and having the opportunity to listen to her message. I welcome her back anytime she is in town!”

On Grammar Workshops:

Mariya Pinchuck, UCCS:

“Pauline Hawkins has provided me with a solid foundation in writing and grammar. Not only is she an expert in the field of writing, but also in the field of teaching. My highest scores on both my SAT and ACT were the writing and grammar portions. I was published my junior year of high school and was placed in an advanced, junior-level writing course as a freshman in college. To top it off, I am now talking to companies like Google, simply because of my writing ability. I have Pauline Hawkins to thank for establishing my writing career the way that she did; she is simply the best teacher out there.”

Usman, GBCC:

“Much of this grammar workshop was a review for me, since I learned English in my country, but it helped me with proper sentencing structures, reviewed the proper uses of adjectives, and I finally learned about active voice vs. passive voice.”

Ashley Moulton, UMA:

“Pauline Hawkins clarified many of the questions I had about grammar. I gained more confidence in my writing skills, and on standardized tests, English was always my highest score.”

Mina Basnet, GBCC:

“As an ESL student, the Grammar Workshop helped me to translate my grammar knowledge into writing and speaking.”

Ken, GBCC:

“In Pauline Hawkins’ grammar workshop, I learned how to structure an English sentence properly. This type of instruction should be part of an English class. I never learned any of this before. It is so helpful.”