Legacy of Love

Mother’s Day 2014 It’s hard to believe that I’m at the half-century mark in my life. As the years pass, I can’t help but reflect on my life and the people who have shaped me and the people I have shaped. As a woman, I have been blessed by loving women in my life. That loveContinue reading “Legacy of Love”

Beautiful Colorado Springs

This past weekend we were able to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful, inexpensive activities Colorado Springs has to offer. Almost a year ago, the Waldo Canyon fire destroyed part of the majestic mountain side. Now, the Black Forest fire is wreaking havoc on the dense, wooded area to the east. Canyon City to theContinue reading “Beautiful Colorado Springs”

#1 Groundhog Day

I’m always excited when I find another person who truly gets Groundhog Day; similarly, I am annoyed when someone doesn’t understand the pure genius of it. Groundhog Day should only have two reactions: “Best inspirational movie ever made!” Or “I love that movie; it was hysterical.” Nothing less than that is acceptable in my eyes.Continue reading “#1 Groundhog Day”