Episode 23: Seeing the Silver Lining with Ashley Mosher

October 13, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Ashley Mosher 2

In this special broadcast of All In with Pauline Hawkins, Ashley Mosher talks about the New Hampshire Film Festival, her short film Back to Camp, and her amazing life story that helped her entered the film making business. “Back to Camp” is an honest, moving, and relevant portrayal to issues that plague our society today. She speaks about being open to new possibilities that arise while on your path, about shedding societal conditioning, and to being awake.
Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of her life: 1st song: “Roll Away Your Stone” by Mumford and Sons; 2nd song: “Both Hands” by Ani DiFranco; 3rd song: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

Episode 22: A Christmas Carol with Scott Severance

October 10, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

a christmas carol

Scott Severance talks about getting ready to tour the country with a company of 19 people, performing his re-adaptation of A Christmas Carol. This is the second year he will be touring with his company, PerSeverance Productions LLC.
Three songs they would be on the soundtrack of his life: 1st song: “Desperado” by the Eagles; 2nd song: “I Am A Rock” by Simon and Garfunkle; 3rd song: “Happy Christmas/War is Over” by John Lennon


Episode 21: Community Service with Cliff Lazenby

October 3, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Cliff Lazenby.jpg

Cliff Lazenby talks about how he went from a degree in Government from Harvard to the manager of the Portsmouth rock band “Thanks to Gravity” to Director of IT for Ocean Properties and why he is finally getting into politics. He is currently serving the community of Portsmouth as the Chair of the Citywide Neighborhood Committee and Vice Chair of the Board at non-profit 3S Artspace. This fall, Cliff is running for Portsmouth City Council, and he shares his position on a few pressing concerns in the community.
Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of his life: 1st song: “I Am a Scientist” by Guided by Voices; 2nd song: “Revolution” by The Beatles; 3rd song: “The Great Beyond” by R.E.M

Episode 20: Blended Families with Lori McCarthy

September 26, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

me and lori in studio

Lori McCarthy and I talk about blended families. The two of us are part of the same blended family: Lori is married to my daughter’s father. We get along so well that people are often shocked when they discover how we know each other. Most people in our situation struggle with exes or with children spending time at the other family’s house. This is not what happens in our family. We discovered early on how much better life is when we put emotions aside and learn to get along for the sake of the children we love. When you become part of a blended family, you have no choice but to go “all in”.
Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of her life: 1st song: “Mr Blue Sky” by ELO; 2nd song: “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake; 3rd song: “Another day of sun” from La La Land.

Episode 19: Empowering Girls with Arts In Reach

September 19, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Arts In Reach

Mary-Jo Monusky, the Executive Director, and Becca Romanoski, the Program Director, of Arts In Reach or AIR, talk about their nonprofit organization that empowers teenage girls through mentoring and the arts. They discuss the 20th Anniversary Celebration, the issues teens deal with, healthy risk taking and why it is important, and they share three songs that the girls wrote and performed.
Three songs that the girls wrote and performed: 1st song: “Forward Train” by Madeline;2nd song: “True Story” by Morgan; 3rd song: “Giraffe” by Julie-Lou.

Episode 18: Rethinking Education with Diane Murphy and Holly Elkins

September 12, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Rethinking Education

Diane Murphy and Holly Elkins join me All In with Pauline Hawkins to talk about changing the conversation around education. Diane taught in the Seacoast area for 30 yrs. She is the founder of BigFish and is committed to supporting teenagers who need to leave the system so they can be self-directed learners. Holly is the embodiment of a self- directed learner: She is the BigFish Board President, an artist, print maker, massage therapist & Reiki master.
All three of us have had our challenges with public education. We’ve heard a lot about education reform, but every reformational movement, although started with good intentions, has made education worse, not better. Before we can fix education, we need to change the way people think about education.
Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of our lives: 1st song: “Open Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol (Pauline); 2nd song: “Too much stuff” by Delbert McClinton (Holly); 3rd song: “Stand by Me” by Playing for Change (Diane).

Episode 17: Suicide Prevention with Brittni Darras

September 5, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

brittni darras.jpg

Brittni is an English teacher at Rampart High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The personalized cards she wrote to her 130 students following a student’s suicide attempt received worldwide attention and earned her the AspenPointe Hero of Mental Health Award and the Mayor’s Young Leader Award in the category of Innovation in Education. She continues to be an advocate for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. She recently presented a TEDx Talk in Denver about her teaching experiences, concentrating on the difficult topic of suicide. Brittni talks about her journey, teaching, and the need for compassion and encouragement in all of our relationships.
Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of her life: 1st song: “Today My Life Begins” by Bruno Mars; 2nd song: “I’m Not Afraid” by Eminem; and 3rd song: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

Episode 16: Discovering Your Creative Voice with Stephanie Lazenby

August 29, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Stephanie Lazenby

Stephanie Lazenby is the Education Director at Patrick Dorow Productions and has used her many skills to help children and teenagers discover their creative voices through after school programs and various nonprofits. She will also be co-hosting the TEDx Talk in Portsmouth this September.
Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of her life: 1st song: “Night Flight” by Led Zeppelin; 2nd song: “7” by Prince; and 3rd song: “I Got a Name” by Jim Croce.

Episode 15: Living Your Life with Purpose and Joy with Priscilla Carr

August 22, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Priscilla Carr

Priscilla Carr is a Mother, Widow, Friend of Sentient Beings, Educator, Psychotherapist, Interfaith Chaplain, Poet, Essayist, Memoirist, Literary Mentor, and in 2008 the Founder of New Hampshire Studio of Integrated Arts. She shares how she has lived her life with purpose and joy.

“We all got something. I embrace these unique entities as strengths rather than deficits and believe they have propelled me into multifaceted careers, universal travel., the arts, and chaplaincy. I am happiest when able to serve.”

Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of her life: 1st song: “The Happy Wanderer”; 2nd song: “Beautiful in my eyes” by Joshua Kadison; and 3rd song: “How can I keep from singing” by Enya

Episode 14: Essential Oils with Tuesday Orluk

August 15, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Tuesday Orluk

Tuesday Orluk talks about Natural Oils for Health business, reiki, and her yoga practice. Tuesday has experienced some life-saving and life-altering transformations with essential oils and shares her journey on All In. To learn more about the oils, go to https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/tuesdayorluk or email Tuesday at Tuesday@tuesdayorluk.com
Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of her life: 1st song: “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten; 2nd song: “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack; and 3rd song: “If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickelback.