Opting Out: Why Ian Will Never Take State Tests

I’m taking a stand this year: My son is not taking the standardized state tests that are being mandated by the government. His school will receive a zero for my opting him out, which will lower his school’s proficiency standings. On one hand, I feel bad that his school is being punished for my decision;Continue reading “Opting Out: Why Ian Will Never Take State Tests”

Massachusetts Speed Trap

When I’m wrong, no matter how hard it is, I admit it. If I deserve a consequence, I accept it. I have been known to be stubborn in some situations, but I eventually fall on the side of truth and justice, even if I didn’t start out that way. After a few weeks of reflection,Continue reading “Massachusetts Speed Trap”

Common-Courtesy Rules 2

Pauline’s Soapbox “Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.” ~ Emerson Going to a Rockies game recently has made adding to my Common-Courtesy Rules a necessity. There’s nothing like a huge crowd to inspire one of my soap-box lectures. Maybe I’m asking too much with some of these rules. Maybe expecting courteous behavior toContinue reading “Common-Courtesy Rules 2”

Common-Courtesy Rules

Pauline’s Soapbox “Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.” ~ Emerson I’m not sure if this problem has been around forever, if I’m just getting old (“kids these days”), or if parents are not teaching their children how to behave in public, but common courtesy has disappeared. Every once and a while I willContinue reading “Common-Courtesy Rules”

#1 Groundhog Day

I’m always excited when I find another person who truly gets Groundhog Day; similarly, I am annoyed when someone doesn’t understand the pure genius of it. Groundhog Day should only have two reactions: “Best inspirational movie ever made!” Or “I love that movie; it was hysterical.” Nothing less than that is acceptable in my eyes.Continue reading “#1 Groundhog Day”