The Finland Phenomenon

Education Reformation Blog Recently, I saw the film The Finland Phenomenon a documentary by Dr. Tony Wagner. The film is “an inside look at the world’s finest secondary education system. . . . through interviews with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and government officials, Dr. Wagner reveals the surprising factors accounting for Finland’s rank as theContinue reading “The Finland Phenomenon”

True Reformation

Education Reformation Blog In my earlier Education Reformation posts, I wrote about the necessity for complete reformation because the current trends in education are only succeeding in creating a downward cycle. True Reformation has to begin with the end goal in mind. What is the end goal? It should be to create life-long learners, effective communicators,Continue reading “True Reformation”

Education Reformation: The Never-Give-Up Initiative

Education Reformation Blog In my last education post I proposed a new movement in education: The Never Give Up, Even-after-Failure Option. Honestly, I don’t want to use the word “failure” in my option. Failure has negative connotations; telling children and parents that a child will fail at something will make everyone involved uncomfortable. Here is myContinue reading “Education Reformation: The Never-Give-Up Initiative”

Education Reformation: Introduction

I am a firm believer in free education for all; however, there are many things about public education that I would change. Unfortunately, as a teacher in the system, I can only control my classroom. I choose to provide a firm foundation in literature, writing, and grammar to my freshmen classes. I build upon that foundationContinue reading “Education Reformation: Introduction”