Along Came a Spider…

Our 70 degree weather this week has prompted Ian to dig through storage bins for his outdoor toys. Yesterday afternoon, Ian came rushing into the house, “Mom! Come quick!” He was panicked. “What’s up, Bud?” “There’s a spider in the blue bin. Come see!” “Oh, no. That’s Daddy’s department.” I wasn’t in the mood toContinue reading “Along Came a Spider…”

#1 Groundhog Day

I’m always excited when I find another person who truly gets Groundhog Day; similarly, I am annoyed when someone doesn’t understand the pure genius of it. Groundhog Day should only have two reactions: “Best inspirational movie ever made!” Or “I love that movie; it was hysterical.” Nothing less than that is acceptable in my eyes.Continue reading “#1 Groundhog Day”

Blessing #9: Memories of the Matriarch

Baba Vicky was the strongest, sweetest, smartest person I have ever met. I would tell her often, but she was too humble to accept my praise. Her reply: “I try my best . . . but how can you say that? I have broken English…I can’t read or write … I’m dumb . . .”Continue reading “Blessing #9: Memories of the Matriarch”

The Alchemist: Introduction and #1 Personal Calling

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho An alchemist is a person who changes a common substance into a substance of great value. I knew before opening the book, I was going to love what was inside. As a matter of fact, after I read the introduction, I knew The Alchemist was a book I needed to slowlyContinue reading “The Alchemist: Introduction and #1 Personal Calling”

Blessings 5-8: My Closest Friends

I’ve always been a one-person friend. I may have had a number of girls I hung out with, but there was always just one girl I truly considered my friend at different times in my life. I also had a lot of guy friends, and at times I felt closer to them than I didContinue reading “Blessings 5-8: My Closest Friends”

Blessing #4: The Man, Not the Father

Blessings My father was a wonderful man, but a horrible father. Most of my childhood memories are negative. I know there are other memories besides the criticisms, the beatings, and the drunken rages, but I have a hard time accessing them. I’ll try to remember a nice family dinner—there had to be tons of them—but everyContinue reading “Blessing #4: The Man, Not the Father”

Blessing #3: My Mother’s Heart

Everything I have learned about love came from my mother. Even when it doesn’t make a lot of sense to give, she gives to a loved one without batting an eye. I attribute this to her tender heart; however, one does not become tender without a lot of pain (meat is tenderized by beating it).Continue reading “Blessing #3: My Mother’s Heart”

Blessing #2: God Gave Me Nicole

Blessings I don’t regret my past. It’s made me who I am today. People are shocked when I say that after hearing about my less-than-ideal upbringing: My father was an abusive alcoholic; I was beaten many times during his drunken rages. Also, as a girl, I had less value in my European family than my brothers;Continue reading “Blessing #2: God Gave Me Nicole”