To Be or Not To Be…A Teacher: The Architecture of the Classroom

In my last Education Reformation post about Teachers' Roles, I defined teachers as guides or facilitators to students' acquisition of knowledge. Truly, what else can we be? Teachers don't have all the knowledge anymore. Back before the internet age, teachers were expected to be the experts of their content. In conjunction with the textbooks, teachers dispersed … Continue reading To Be or Not To Be…A Teacher: The Architecture of the Classroom

To Be, or not To Be…a Teacher: Teachers’ Roles

I truly hate the present trend of teacher bashing: The belief that all the problems in our country are because teachers have failed us. I hope my past posts on education show that teachers are teaching in a broken system; the system needs to be fixed so that teachers can provide their students what they … Continue reading To Be, or not To Be…a Teacher: Teachers’ Roles

Special in Every Way

“I think we need to put Ian in special education.” Ian’s teacher was saying something about the anomalies in his learning abilities, but my breath caught in my throat, and I only pieced together what I heard after “special education.” Ian’s miracle status now has a black mark on it. He is no longer the … Continue reading Special in Every Way

Blessing #15-18: My Family

Blessings Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays: I love cooking the entire meal; families all over the country are getting together to laugh and rehash memories; it is also a day that reminds us to count our blessings, a necessary part of our emotional and mental health. However, this Thanksgiving I made my meal … Continue reading Blessing #15-18: My Family

High School Reformation

In my last post I discussed the experiential learning taking place in my journalism class. I believe this type of class is necessary at the middle-school and high-school level, but I am not suggesting that it’s the only type of class students will take. Students will continue to get traditional instruction in other classes, but by … Continue reading High School Reformation