#1 Groundhog Day

I’m always excited when I find another person who truly gets Groundhog Day; similarly, I am annoyed when someone doesn’t understand the pure genius of it. Groundhog Day should only have two reactions: “Best inspirational movie ever made!” Or “I love that movie; it was hysterical.” Nothing less than that is acceptable in my eyes.Continue reading “#1 Groundhog Day”

Blessing #9: Memories of the Matriarch

Baba Vicky was the strongest, sweetest, smartest person I have ever met. I would tell her often, but she was too humble to accept my praise. Her reply: “I try my best . . . but how can you say that? I have broken English…I can’t read or write … I’m dumb . . .”Continue reading “Blessing #9: Memories of the Matriarch”

The Alchemist: Introduction and #1 Personal Calling

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho An alchemist is a person who changes a common substance into a substance of great value. I knew before opening the book, I was going to love what was inside. As a matter of fact, after I read the introduction, I knew The Alchemist was a book I needed to slowlyContinue reading “The Alchemist: Introduction and #1 Personal Calling”

Blessings 5-8: My Closest Friends

I’ve always been a one-person friend. I may have had a number of girls I hung out with, but there was always just one girl I truly considered my friend at different times in my life. I also had a lot of guy friends, and at times I felt closer to them than I didContinue reading “Blessings 5-8: My Closest Friends”

Blessing #4: The Man, Not the Father

Blessings My father was a wonderful man, but a horrible father. Most of my childhood memories are negative. I know there are other memories besides the criticisms, the beatings, and the drunken rages, but I have a hard time accessing them. I’ll try to remember a nice family dinner—there had to be tons of them—but everyContinue reading “Blessing #4: The Man, Not the Father”

Blessing #3: My Mother’s Heart

Everything I have learned about love came from my mother. Even when it doesn’t make a lot of sense to give, she gives to a loved one without batting an eye. I attribute this to her tender heart; however, one does not become tender without a lot of pain (meat is tenderized by beating it).Continue reading “Blessing #3: My Mother’s Heart”

Blessing #2: God Gave Me Nicole

Blessings I don’t regret my past. It’s made me who I am today. People are shocked when I say that after hearing about my less-than-ideal upbringing: My father was an abusive alcoholic; I was beaten many times during his drunken rages. Also, as a girl, I had less value in my European family than my brothers;Continue reading “Blessing #2: God Gave Me Nicole”

32 Blessings and Blessing #1: Ian Is Alive and Well

Blessings To say my life has been difficult the last month is an understatement. In early December I was humming a sweet tune while I traveled along the path of my dream life; then, I was yanked out of my reverie and forced to see a different reality, one filled with lies, betrayals, and pain.Continue reading “32 Blessings and Blessing #1: Ian Is Alive and Well”