…the Rest of the Story.

April 30, 2009. Another anniversary that we won’t celebrate. Another day filled with painful memories. Unlike the day we found the tumor, my memories of this day are clouded by tears. I remember segments of the day and bits of dialog, but mostly I remember tears: Ian’s tears, my tears, Dave’s tears; Nicole, Carol Linn,Continue reading “…the Rest of the Story.”

Three Years Ago Today…

Today is our anniversary. Three years ago our lives changed forever, but there won’t be a celebration today. We won’t have a cake or a special dinner. As a matter of fact, it’s just a normal Saturday for our family. Ian is playing Wii. Dave and I are doing laundry. If anyone looked in ourContinue reading “Three Years Ago Today…”

Blessing #11: Carol Linn, the Woman, Not the Child

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. This statement has never been truer than with my daughter Carol Linn. Actually, absence was absolutely necessary for the salvation of our relationship. Before she moved to the other side of the country, I knew there were wonderful things about her; however, they were clouded by the rebellious teenager that challenged ourContinue reading “Blessing #11: Carol Linn, the Woman, Not the Child”

Blessing #10: Darling Dedo

My grandfather was the kindest, most self-assured man I have ever met. He loved his children and grandchildren unconditionally. The strongest memory I have of Dedo Gus is of him holding his grandbabies to his cheek, while rocking and cooing them in his arms.  Dedo Gus also loved his wife unconditionally. His relationship with my grandmother wasContinue reading “Blessing #10: Darling Dedo”

Common-Courtesy Rules

Pauline’s Soapbox “Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.” ~ Emerson I’m not sure if this problem has been around forever, if I’m just getting old (“kids these days”), or if parents are not teaching their children how to behave in public, but common courtesy has disappeared. Every once and a while I willContinue reading “Common-Courtesy Rules”

Did You Know I Had Cancer?

What used to go over Ian’s head at four-years-old is resonating with him at seven. We worked very hard at protecting him from the negative talk that surrounds Cancer during his treatments (Heart of a Hero), and we’ve still never said Cancer and death in the same sentence all these years later. We call itContinue reading “Did You Know I Had Cancer?”

My First Sleepover

I have a guest writer for this post, my son Ian. He loved that I wrote about his spider-scare, so he wanted to write a story himself. He chose to write about his first sleepover, which is perfect since I was going to write about it anyway. Waiting for the right moment to let goContinue reading “My First Sleepover”

Along Came a Spider…

Our 70 degree weather this week has prompted Ian to dig through storage bins for his outdoor toys. Yesterday afternoon, Ian came rushing into the house, “Mom! Come quick!” He was panicked. “What’s up, Bud?” “There’s a spider in the blue bin. Come see!” “Oh, no. That’s Daddy’s department.” I wasn’t in the mood toContinue reading “Along Came a Spider…”

#1 Groundhog Day

I’m always excited when I find another person who truly gets Groundhog Day; similarly, I am annoyed when someone doesn’t understand the pure genius of it. Groundhog Day should only have two reactions: “Best inspirational movie ever made!” Or “I love that movie; it was hysterical.” Nothing less than that is acceptable in my eyes.Continue reading “#1 Groundhog Day”