The Great Gatsby: Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, Nick Carraway shows us things we don't want to see, things we don't want to talk about. The images and metaphors describe what he sees without telling us how base the people are. He uses symbols that are at times vague, but specific enough to allow the reader to have the final … Continue reading The Great Gatsby: Chapter 2

The Great Gatsby: Chapter 1

On May 10th, 2013 the new attempt at turning the beloved novel into a movie will be released; as hopeful as I am that it will be a beautiful rendition, I am just as doubtful that anything can do it justice. The other versions fell flat. They did a good job at presenting the basic … Continue reading The Great Gatsby: Chapter 1

Blessing #21: The Power of Forgiveness

Where would I be right now if it weren't for forgiveness? I would be alone, alone with my angry thoughts and my bitter life. I'd still be a grown woman, but my emotional and mental health would be stagnant—still a child complaining about the unfairness of life. I'm not saying I've never been angry; anyone … Continue reading Blessing #21: The Power of Forgiveness

8 Ways Parents Can Be Proactive in Education

What can parents do to help their children be successful in school? I wrote a list of 32 things parents can do at home as part of raising their children in a previous post. However, there are also ways parents can be proactive for their children within the school and instruments of change in their school … Continue reading 8 Ways Parents Can Be Proactive in Education

The Write Stuff Video Series: Fixing Fragments

Are teachers always telling you, "Fix your fragments!" but you have no idea what a fragment is? Does Word underline your sentences with squiggly green lines, but you have no idea how to fix them? Then I have the video for you! "Fixing Fragments" shows writers how to fix one of the common problems writers … Continue reading The Write Stuff Video Series: Fixing Fragments

The Three Mistakes Parents Make

In my last post I wrote about my perspective as a teacher and a parent. I ended with the question: What are parents doing that might contribute to the gaps in their children's education? Here is my answer: 1.      The first mistake parents make is blaming the teacher for all of their children's inadequacies. The … Continue reading The Three Mistakes Parents Make