2020 Going All In Diary: Family Goals Day 11

One of my goals for the new year is to plan at least one day a month when Ian and I get outside and take a walk or enjoy nature in some way. Today was the perfect day to accomplish this goal for January.

We found fun signs we never would have seen driving by (seals come up on this beach?). We smiled and said hi to people along the path (not everyone smiled or said hi back, but I told Ian it didn’t matter how other people treated us, only how we treated others). We made friends with amazing dogs. But mostly, we enjoyed the wind, the ocean spray, the sun, the waves, and the nature walk with each other.

Ian: “Why do houses like this exist?”
3 miles total: 1.5 out and back

For more about goal setting, listen to https://paulinehawkins.com/2020/01/05/episode-111-going-all-in-in-2020-with-molly-campbell/

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