Episode 107: Some Holiday with Justin Scarelli and Melissa Sweatt

November 3, 2019

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Justin Scarelli and Melissa Sweatt from Rogue Productions join me to talk about their musical Some Holiday opening at the Players’ Ring November 22 thru December 1. Justin worked for Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Company and Melissa went through the filmmaking program at Boston University and worked for NH! News and NH PBS before they met and started Rogue Productions.

They share the genesis of the idea of Some Holiday, its journey from an independent film to a stage musical adaptation, the differences/similarities of directing/writing for film versus the stage, and what it means to them to go all in.

For song selections, Justin and Melissa brought three songs from the show: 1st song: “Running Out of Time”; 2nd song: “Hello Goodbye”; and 3rd song: “We Could Be Happy.”

For more information about Some Holiday or to get in touch with Justin or Melissa, go to Facebook: @SomeHolidayMusical or email them at: itsallrogue@gmail.com

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