Episode 10: The Next World Over with David Barnette

July 18, 2017

All In with Pauline Hawkins

dave barnette

David H. Barnette is a Portsmouth native and fantasy novelist. He is a 1965 graduate of Portsmouth High School. After graduating from Syracuse University in 1969, he served with the U.S. Navy in Vietnam. On All In, he talks about the fantasy world he created, his inspirations, and why he writes. We were also able to talk about the different genres we write in and an impactful play for both of us: Our Town. David’s books are available at River Run Bookstore and amazon.com.
Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of his life: 1st song: “Look Through Any Window” by the Hollies; 2nd song: “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin; and 3rd song: “Read My Mind” by The Killers.

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